The future is coming towards us faster and faster every day, and it challenges our perception of what is art and what is ‘real’. I have felt great resistance – and even fear – towards AI-generated art. But in the end, fear is a sign that something needs to be explored and understood.

Here is where I stand in this moment: with this project, I viewed myself as an Art Director and AI as the craft (much like photography or painting). Even when everything could be artificially created, the director is needed. The idea and the vision and the dream is the seed of everything. That’s what I used AI to explore with this series. I imagined what could be – down to every detail from the characters to garments to the lighting and colours – and I released the crafting of the images to AI. It’s a peculiar feeling, but it’s a familiar process. I will always love the craft of photography, but I’m glad I have been able to find peace with knowing that people with a vision will always be needed.

I am still very torn about the technology of AI creating something that ultimately uses bits and pieces of images already in existence as raw materials, but I suppose humans do this as well and call it inspiration.

This series is a fantasy party where the dress code is ‘more’. Everyone is invited.

Created with the help of Midjourney AI engine.

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